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TigerForce Inc garage door opener – the next generation of garage door openers.

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The TigerForce inc residential garage door opener is the only one of its kind which offers europe’s advanced technology universal garage door opener. extremely efficiency and power lasting due to only one moving part. the 24 volt dc motor is located at the garage door instead of the back of the opener, maximizing strong lift and minimizing wear and tear. the garage door opener app can control by iphone, sumsung brands…any smart phone.

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Best Quietest and smarter garage door openers in market now, and provide best garage door openers, remotes, and parts for homes, with industrial leading lifetime warranty.


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Garage Door Openers from TigerForce Inc Provide excellent Performance, type, and Reliability.


1. Automatic safety reverse
Automatic stop / automatic reverse are controlled by our software of circuit boards. We are circumspect to protect your children, pet or other goods.


2. Soft start / Soft stop
Ramping speed up and down at the start and end of each cycle reduces stress on the door and opener for longer life, and makes for quieter operations.


3. Auto-Close
Auto- Close ensures peace of mind and keeps your house secure by automatically closing the door upon entering or exiting the garage.


4. Self learning open and close obstruction TigerForce inc
The amount of opener power for different stages of the door’s travel is learnt during setup and is constantly re-profiled. Opener TigerForce inc measurement automatically adjustment in a suitable range.


5. Electronic limit, simple adjustment.
You only need control the limit setup from control panels to adjust it exactly, the simple and quick process for any peoples.


6. Available terminal for Photo beams & Extra receivers & Wire or wireless wall switch & Caution light & Pass door protection device.


7. Energy saving – L.E.D courtesy light 3 minutes L.E.D light delay, switching on with each cycle to illuminate your darkened garage.


8. Battery backup available
Openers could be supplied power with our battery backup once the power failure at your home.


9. Self-Lock in gear motors
TigerForce inc gear motors will self-lock with our disengagement systems.


10. Manual release
Don’t worry about the power failure, the manual release system is a solution for operation the door at any time.


11. Transmitter technology
Rolling Code technology (7.38 x 10 19 Combinations), 433.92 Mhz frequency, 4 channels design to ensure you can control 4 different doors with one transmitter.


12. Lower headroom
With as little as 30mm required between the ceiling and the highest point of the door travel, the opener can be flush mounted for low headroom applications.


13. Metal bottom plate, stronger and security.


14. Up / Down moving operation buttons (UP / DOWN)


15. External mains power fuse


If you’re searching for a universal garage door opener, we have customized options that accommodate your loved ones’s way of life. TigerForce Inc helps make functioning your center safer and much easier. Our items are actually produced to give you tough, enduring performance for years from extended usage and also trouble-free operation. Each garage door opener product, coming from residential to commercial to industrial treatments, is actually supported through experienced and qualified client care for troubleshooting and also answers to your inquiries.


Thanks for taking into consideration TigerForce Inc’s collection from residential, commercial garage door openers, rails and accessories to accomplish your house, business or remodeling job. Our company are actually self-assured that you are going to find best garage door opener item to satisfy your necessities, producing you a welcome addition to the TigerForce Inc household. Besides, we lead the industry with our detailed selection of home and also commercial garage door opener.