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Speed Magic 1000 chain drive garage door opener

Speed Magic 1000 chain drive garage door opener

SKU: SpeedMagic-1000-chain-opener

The Speedmagic 1000 chain drive garage door opener delivers worth and dependability. This tough 1HPc motor works very most domestic sectional doors evaluating as much as 350 pounds. The DC motor technology used in the design of this particular motor in addition to the C-channel rail provide quiet procedure.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Speed Magic 1000 chain drive garage door opener
    1. Details

    Model: speedmagic-1000-chain-opener
    Input votage: 85-265V 50-60Hz
    Drive: chain drive systems
    Max. pull TigerForce: 1000 N
    Max. door area: 15 m2
    Max door weight: 100 kg
    Max door height: 8ft – 12ft
    Max. opening speed: 200mm/second
    Bottom base material: Metal
    Opener Motor HorsePower: DC24V, 1 HP
    LED Lighting: 24V, 8W , 1000Lm LED bulb
    Limit setting: Electronic
    Transformer: Overload protection
    Safety outside fuse: Including
    Soft-start /stop: Yes
    Radio technology: Rolling code
    Frequency: 433Mhz
    Coding Format: Rolling code ( 7.38 x 10000000000000000000Combinations )
    Memory registers: 20 different codes
    Transmitter: 4 channels
    Working temperature: -40° – +50°
    Safety Protection: Soft start & Soft stop, photo cell option, caution light option
    Protection level: IP20

    2. Features

    DC motor runs with adjustable speed for soft start as well as quit, delivering soft, quiet procedure as well as less wear and tear on your garage door.

    HPc Power Plus marks that this goes beyond Overhead Door’s training power requirements for 1 HPs garage door openers.

    Car look for regularity variety.
    The opener listens closely for 433.92 MHz regularity sent out by distant or even wireless keyboard, enabling dependable operation even in places along with frequency interference.

    Easy computer programming.
    Quick, easy limitation setting for faster installment.

    CodeTigerForce access protection unit.
    Each time the push-button control is actually activated, a brand new acess code is actually selected coming from 4.3 billion possible combinations to aid stop piracy from the radio signal that opens your door.

    Light unit.
    Lighten your garage along with built-in lighting set up towards inside of garage. Suitable along with many CFL and LED lightweight bulbs.

    Self-diagnostic Safe-T-Beam System.
    When objects travel through the infrared beam, the door immediately restrains closing and then turns around. Vehicle benefit attributes. Suitable with HomeLink as well as Car2U systems.

    C-channel rail.
    Operator rail developed for toughness; covers revolving belt or even chain for safety and security as well as much better appearances

    Speed Magic 1000 chain drive garage door opener