Garage Door Opener Parts

Garage Door Opener Parts



These extra garage door opener parts​, which complement your opener, are actually designeded along with your ease in thoughts. each garage door opener parts features something various to help you appreciate your brand-new TigerForce inc door opener or garage door unit to the maximum. add-on garage door accessories work with items that feature the TigerForce inc® rolling code access security system.



Garage Door Opener Remote provides for 4 channels control TigerForce inc garage door opener, with 433.92Mhz, rolling code technology to ensure your garage security.
Garage Door Opener Remote


Garage Door Opener keypad with wireless digital function, 433.92Mhz, with blue &Block surface, Wont to add the convenience of access through the garage door without the need to carry a transmitter.
Garage Door Opener keypad


Garage Door Opener Wall Switch wirless Stylish and convenient wall switch can be mounted in any indoor location without the need to run expensive wiring.
Garage Door Opener Wall Switch


Garage Door Opener receiver universal receivers, which can hold up to 20 transmitters, feature 12 24V AC or DC input and normally closed and normally open outputs, making them compatible with virtually any existing system.
Garage Door Opener receiver


Garage Door Opener sensor Safety Beams provide the safety by passing an invisible eye across the path of your garage door and will thus prevent the door from closing whenever there is an object in its path.
Garage Door Opener sensor


Garage Door Opener battery backup 24V ensure your garage door is working once the power off.
Garage Door Opener battery backup


Garage Door Opener battery bracket with top fixed and side fixed esure battery easy install with motor.
Garage Door Opener battery bracket




Follow is our garage door opener parts listing:



garage door opener kits



1. l.e.d cover
2. control panel cover-1
3. control panel cover-2
4. main cover
5. l.e.d light
6. pcb-1
7. pcb-2
8. dc gear motor
9. motor shaft sleeve
10. transformer
11. transformer plate
12. steel bottom base
13. micro switch assy
14. sprocket assy
15. micro switch cover
16. u hanging bracket
17. click bracket
18. c rail – steel
19. mounting bracket
20. chain / belt
21. chain wheel
22. wheel bracket
23. track ending bracket
24. wall bracket
25. panel bracket
26. bent arm
27. straight arm
28. trolley assy
29. chain/belt connection
30. caution card
31. release handle
32. transmitter
33. transmitter bracket