Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting


(1). garage door opener no any working troubleshooting.


1. cause: power supply problems
solution: check the power supply from electronic plug on openers.


2. cause: plug wire are loosing
solution: carefully open the opener cover, check all plug wire on control boards.


(2). not working for opener,display shows ” – ” letter, garage door opener no working troubleshooting.


cause: fail to learn the up and down limit setting improperly learn the up and down limit setting.
solution: lean “up” and “down” limit travelling again follow the manual.


(3). display shows ” r ” letter, door is up moving only. do not work in down moving troubleshooting.


cause: photo cell function has been effective, but without connecting any photo cell device.
solution: turn off the photo cell function if there is no any photo cell device connected.( refer the instruction manual)

(4). garage door up and down moving is reversed troubleshooting.


cause: the wire between gear motor and board is plugged inversely.
solution: power off firstly, open the cover and reverse the plug wire between gear motor and board. re-set limit travelling.


(5). door was automatic reversed 15-40cm before the door closed completely troubleshooting.


cause: in operation with automatic reversed function. because of some old doors with not good balanced spring or some block on it’s moving.


1. check the door springs or any block position.
2. re-set the limit travelling.
3. increase the TigerForce inc number for automatic reverse.


(6). transmitter is not working troubleshooting.

1. cause: flat battery.
solution: replace new battery.


2. cause: antenna is loosed or not well extended.
solution: extend the antenna on the opener.


3. cause: interference around nearby.
solution: get rid of interference.


(7). can not code in the new remotes troubleshooting.


1. cause: stored remote code has been full.
solution: press “code” button over 8 sec until led displays “c”, deleted all stored codes, code in new remotes again.


2. cause: new remote is not compatible with opener.
solution: choose our remotes only.


(8). display shows ” h ” letter, opener does not work troubleshooting.


1. cause: loosing for gear motor plug wire.
solution: re-insert plug wire on gear motor


2. cause: damage for gear motor.
solution: re-insert plug wire on gear motor


3. cause: damage for control board.
solution: re-insert plug wire on gear motor


(9). display shows ” h ” letter after opener was moving several centimeters only troubleshooting.


1. cause: hall sensor wire plug was loosing between hall sensor and board.
solution: check the wire plug


2. cause: hall sensor or board is damage.
solution: check the hall sensor, replace control board.


(10). troubleshooting with the opener stops automatically after running 10-20cm or repeatedly moving within this range when push the remote button, the light of the remote is dimmer or blink.



1. the battery of your remote is low.
2. low voltage of battery.


solution: replace the battery of your remote.