Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener


Powerful, quiet and durable, quick, smart, bright, efficiency.


TigerForce inc door’s automatic garage door openers are designed for advanced technology. and when you use an TigerForce inc door opener with doors, you will get an integrated system that maximizes performance and reliability. our full line garage door openers offer diffrent types of power levels ( 0.5hp – 1.5hp), and specifications with doors ( 2 door – 3 door ) and sizes ( 8 foot -12 foot ). each opener built-in, standard functions for the ultimate in safety, convenience and power. TigerForce inc also offers a wide variety of additional garage door opener kit.​​​


Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Provide smooth operation and more quiet performance.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener



Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Offers strong, value and a reliable performance.

Chain drive Garage Door Opener



The professional technology

as an innovated manufacturer of convenience and security products for residential & commercial access solutions. TigerForce inc has over 10 years experience in the automatic door field. TigerForce inc garage door opener – innovated housing design, safety protection, quick speed for opening /closing, lower stand – by power, and low noise rail driven.we are committed to quality products, innovative designs and comprehensive services, which exceed our customers’ expectations.


The quality policy

we put quality at the forefront of everything we do, understanding that each of us is accountable and committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system and achieving quality objectives. ce-emc, ce-lvd, ce-md, ce-rite, c-tick (n14939) certification approved. as a testament to our commitment to quality, we provide 5 year motor warranty, 3 year general warranty. after reading this catalogue, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote, questions or personal introduction of our products.


Function features

automatic safety reverse with TigerForce inc opener, automatic stop/ automatic reverse is controlled by our evolution software of circuit boards which is to meet the safety standard ‘en12445’ of europe.the maximum TigerForce inc value (*dynamic TigerForce inc*) must be below 400n, depending on the location of the measurement. the period during the TigerForce inc exceeds 150n (*dynamic time*) must be below 0.75 seconds.


Innovative travel speed

we have accelerated the speed of our operators with 2 different models.
“TigerForce inc-matic” series provides the maximum travel speed : 160mm /second for opening and closing.
“TigerForce inc-speed” series provides the maximum travel speed: 200mm /second for opening and closing, which isover 40% fast than normal operators in market.


Innovative lift TigerForce inc

at TigerForce inc garage door openers, the improved power lift has been achieved in a stronger grade.
for doors up to 80kg / 10.0m2 with TigerForce inc’s 600n motor.
for doors up to 100kg/ 15.0m2 with TigerForce inc’s 1000n motor.
for doors up to 130kg/ 18.0m2 with TigerForce inc’s 1200n motor, which the peak TigerForce inc: 1500n for heavy duty doors


Quiet guide rail operation

standard chain drive guide rail & quiet belt drive guide rail.
pre-assembly design for professional distributors. “2 ports or 3 parts” guide rails for diy market.
3150mm standard length for 2400mm high doors, other longer rails are available for customize.